Fall Back, Oh Prince

In lieu of a Sunday Seven this week, here are two totally separate, not even related topics.

Daylight Savings Time

Used to be I’d bitch every time we changed to or from Daylight Savings Time.  The reason for the bitching was the extra work I had to go through resetting my “smart” alarm clock.  It not only remembered the time, even through power outages, but also reset itself automatically for DST.  Except I bought it prior to Congress extending DST by four weeks.  So, instead of never having to reset my clock, I had to reset it four times a year.  Oh the irony.

Two things have changed in recent years to nullify my bitching: 1) I bought a new alarm clock that’s not smart but does have a one-button DST reset; and 2) I retired, so who cares what time I get up?   Still, it’s great to wake up refreshed at a decent hour (especially since I have morning appointments this week).

The British Royal Family

Why are we Americans so enthralled with the Royal Family?  Isn’t that what we rebelled against 230-odd years ago?  I’m just curious, since I too have my share of fascination.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George pose for the Christening photo.

Britain’s most photogenic royals

Last night I was watching the Coin Collector show on HSN.  I don’t collect coins, but I find numismatics fascinating.  The most recent coin of interest is the British five-pound coin celebrating the christening of Prince George of Cambridge.  The host proclaimed she’s an “Anglophile nerd,” and was excited that Prince George was born on July 22, so close to her birthday of July 25.

I’ve got news for you, sister, close doesn’t count.  Prince William was born on my birthday (my 30th, to be exact—yes, I’m that old!).  And, I was in London at the time.

My friend and I had gone to the theatre (we’ll go with that spelling, since we’re in England).  I remember noticing there was still a bit of twilight in the sky—at 10:30 pm.  As we headed back to our hotel, we asked the cabbie if Diana had had her baby yet.  He said yes, she had a boy.   We did the appropriate oohing and aahing.  Only then did I realize it.  I turned to my friend and said “He was born on my birthday!”  And what’s extra special?  The reason for the twilight—it’s was the longest day of the year.

[Photo credit: Jason Bell/AP, via NY Daily News]


3 thoughts on “Fall Back, Oh Prince

  1. Natalie J. Damschroder says:

    I have no idea why the fascination. Self-perpetuating, maybe? Their lives are vastly different from ours, and that always inspires interest (like film and music celebrities and the Kardashians, though that’s even MORE baffling).

    It’s still kind of cool to have a royal baby share your birthday. 🙂

    • Gailann says:

      Speaking of the Kardashians, I just came from the grocery store and one of the magazines had the oldest (Khloe?) with the headlines “When is it my turn..” There was more but it was hidden behind other mags, and I wasn’t interested enough to check it out. Probably “… to have a happy ending.” *rolls eyes*

      Geezus, I can’t proofread to save my life. Thanks for being so non-judgmental. 😉

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