Serendipity @ Midnight

Chris Hardwick awards points to guests for funny comebacks.

Points! [photo from]

Last night The night before last (I’m really horrible about posting in a timely manner!) I was still up late enough to watch @Midnight live. It’s a fairly new quiz-type show on Comedy Central hosted by Doctor Who mega-fan Chris Hardwick.  He poses questions to three guest comedians based on some of social media’s wildest postings.  The guests compete for “Points!” and the honor of “Wins the Internet for the next 24 hours.”  Unless it’s Thursday, in which case the winner gets to claim  for the entire (extended) weekend, until a new winner is declared the following Monday.  Unlike SyFy’s now-defunct The Wil Wheaton Project, @Midnight is hilarious.  (Incidentally, Wil and Chris were roommates at one time.  Scifi nerds, unite!)

The show is so hipster-oriented, I often have no idea what they’re talking about,.  Not so much because of the social media stuff, but because of the slang used.  This ignorance of course, is a product of age, which is something the show loves to make fun of.  To which I say, “Just you wait!”  Heck, if you don’t grow old, something’s happened—and it’s not good.

Nonetheless, I’ve learned many things from watching this show.  One of which is a “furry” is a person with a fetish for dressing up like a stuffed animal, and seeking like-minded individuals for various forms of “social” intercourse.  Which means, of course, there are indeed furry-dating websites.  [All this makes me think I ought to change my “Furries” category here, because that is not what it refers to.]

Anyway, back to the discussion at hand.

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Laughter of All KInds

What caused me to laugh out loud in the IHOP yesterday?  “The House of Horrors” from  Rhymes With Orange.  And today’s Rhymes With Orange is even funnier!  Looks like I’ll be adding Rhymes With Orange to my list of “Don’t Miss Funnies.”

What are my “Don’t Miss Funnies?”  Well, there’s the Pickles, the elderly couple who often make me laugh out loud.

Earl finds a pistachio nut in his shoe while on a walk with Ethyl.

[© Brian Crane; credit Washington Post]

Sometimes,  really out loud.

Earl makes a tuna sandwich from cat food.

[© Brian Crane; credit Washington Post]

And Mutts Earl and Mooch always make me smile and “aww,” and downright laugh out loud.

Earl the dog wonders what his man did with his favorite chew toy.

[© Patrick McDonnell; credit Washington Post]